10 Types of People You'll Meet on BLACK FRIDAY

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Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here - and with it, the most infamous of holiday shopping days: Black Friday. We here at Meowingtons want to help you prepare for the inevitable Black Friday holiday rush! Here's a leaflet from our online Black Friday Guidebook to help you navigate the ins and outs of shopping if you're going to brave the stores come November 23rd. You'll need to know the types of people you're going to run into and how to ID them. 

1. The "Soccer Mom" who means business.


2. The brand-new sales associate looking for a good place to hide.

black friday cat sales black friday meme



3. The seasoned Black Friday sales manager who's seen too much.

black friday cat sales black friday meme



4. The first-time Black Friday shopper who's amazed by EVERYTHING




5. The guy who grabbed the last TV but, uh, that's ok, he can have it:


6. The person who's got to have at least one of everything because, hey, it's on sale! 


7. The desperate person who really, really needs that blender. It's 50% off!

black friday cat sales black friday meme


8. The impatient shopper who doesn't understand that waiting in lines is a normal thing on Black Friday and keeps asking why this is taking so long. 

 black friday cat sales black friday meme


9. The exhausted partner/bag holder who really doesn't want to be here and can't remember how they got talked into being here.

black friday cat sales black friday meme


10. The Fighter. They will literally fight you for that cashmere sweater.

fighter cat funny black friday fight silly


If you're going to be charging headlong into battle (er, shopping) this Black Friday, hopefully, this guide will help you navigate the crowds. Or you could just spend Black Friday at home with your cat and get the same great deals on Meowingtons.com ... without having to stand in line. Or duke it out with the cashmere sweater guy.


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  • Mandy

    Jokes about Black Friday stopped being funny right after that poor Wal-Mart employee was crushed to death when the doors opened. As if that wasn’t horrible enough, the depraved shoppers didn’t even stop to see if they could help him.

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