10 Times Cats Showed Their Owners Who’s Really In Charge December 30 2019, 4 Comments

Cats: they've taken over the Internet. And they've taken over our homes. Let's be honest here - we all know who's really in charge. Here are ten cats who know who what they want, when, and how they want it

1. This cat, who probably would change the WIFI password and not tell you. 

2. Or this cat, who wants to let you now that it's time to stop working and get out the wet food. 


3. Or this cat, who's making his feelings known about your interior decorating choices. 


4. Or this feisty feline, who owns you AND the dog. 


5. Or this cat, who takes pranks a bit too far. 


6. Or this cat, who prefers a different book at storytime. 


7. Or this cat, who's making sure you know whose butter it REALLY is. 


8. And this cat, who is clearly the owner of this news station. 


9. And this chill cat, who wears the metaphorical pants (which happen to be shoes) in this relationship. 


10. Or this independent cat who will just "help herself, thanks."