Can You Get Through This Post Without Ordering Something Right Meow?

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Brace yourselves: Summer is coming.  The time to prepare is now. Fish out those flip-flops, bust out your favorite cutoffs and forget summertime sadness – you'll be serving straight-up summertime fabness.


1. Keep it shady, lady, with a pair of these Cat-Eye Sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses cat glasses




2. What's the summer without some sun, sand, and salt? For your next beach day, keep the sea and sand at bay with this Circle Cat Mandala Beach Towel


 Photo (Right): @ktmcbeth 


3. Make waves at the beach this summer with a Catsuit Bodysuit!

meowingtons catsuit bodysuit




4. Dun dun. Dun dun. Coming to a beach near you ... Duuuun dun dun dun. PAWS.

jaws parody paws paws tank top cat shark tank



meowingtons promo crazy cat lady gifts for her gifts for cat lovers discount code


5. Whether you're headed to the beach or making a beeline for a backyard barbecue, this Wild Cat Bodysuit is sure to be a sizzling summer hit.


cat print bodysuit cat swimsuit wild cat bodysuit



6. Who needs a lifeguard at the pool when you've got a Rescue Mom on duty? Party at your own risk! 


@cherrychaoscosplay rescue mom shirt foster mom shirt
Photo: @cherrychaoscosplay



7. Beat the heat and shine a bit brighter with an ice-cold diamond around your neck!


meowingtons diamond cat necklace cat pendant diamond stud necklace







8. These Diamond Cat Earrings are twice the ice and just as nice! 


diamond cat earrings diamond stud earring



9. This Bosi Cat Overall dress will make the purr-fect coverup for your next pool party!



meowingtons cat overalls black cat dress




10. This Little Purrmaid wants to be part of your world this summer! How can you say no to a Mermaid Cat?!


mermaid cat phone case little purrmaid





meowingtons promo crazy cat lady gifts for her gifts for cat lovers discount code

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  • Jeanne

    Is the clothing “one size fits most”?

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