10 Sleeping Positions Cat Owners Know All Too Well


Trying to get a good night's sleep around can be a bit tricky; no one knows this better than cat people. In fact, cat owners the world over have likely perfected the art of sleeping around their cats. If you're a cat owner, you'll likely recognize these 10 sleeping positions. Who knew something so small and fluffy could take up so much space?

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1. Also known as "Cat Spreading."


2. The "I'm either begging for food or just really, really bored."

3. Also known as the "Hello, Clarice."

4. At least you'll go out literally smothered with love. 

5. Anyone who crosses the line gets a claw to the butt.

6. Some say it's an expression of love

7. Everyone knows there's a side of the pillow for you, and a side of the pillow for the cat

8. There's also a side of the bed for you, and a side for the cat. 

9. If a cat falls asleep on you, it's against the law to move. True story. 

10. ... Good luck. 

Do you let your cat sleep in bed with you? Let us know in the comments!


  • Jude

    Merlyn, my black rescue cat, likes what I call “cat cave”. If I’m sitting reading in bed, with my knees bent, then he likes to cuddle under the duvet, but it musn’t cover his face. So I pull the duvet back a bit to make a space for him. As soon as I put my knees down, he’s out of there.

    At the moment he’s curled up at the top of my bed, one of his favourite sleeping places. He’s never shown any interest in boxes, he’s completely oblivious to catnip but he does like me to sing to him.

  • Sarah

    I have a 10 year old rescue, had her for about a year now. If I’m not sleeping, she will lay on me as much as possible. On my lap, belly, my hip, sometimes if there is no other space she will lie across my boobs! Then when it is time to sleep she will curl up as close to me as possible and will stay there pretty much all night! The boyfriend does miss the extra space in the bed, but she doesn’t sleep on him at all, definitely bonded just with me!

  • Karly

    Yes!!! Always!!! Every night!!!

  • Meagan Smith

    I have one cat, an orange tabby. I’ve had her for two years now and her fav spot to sleep is in the crook of my knees, when I’m half curled on either side. She’ll sleep like this anytime she can and I hardly have any idea why. But, I’m not complaining. In all honesty, I love having her close.

  • Evie Pothier

    I have two cats one has been with us at least 8 years,Male. Also we got a female, from spca well she gets jealous of the male cat. He always likes to sleep with me. Of course she gets jealous and tries to chase him of the bed. I find that amusing until one starts crying.

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