10 Reasons Senior Cats Are Simply The Best

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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! And to celebrate the senior cats that we love so much, here are 10 reasons that senior cats are simply the best. 

Senior cats are the bee's knees! Sure, they might be a bit grey around the muzzle or a bit slower to hop up on the couch. They might wax philosophical about how they used to have to meow at their humans 20 times a day to fill their food bowl; there weren't any of those fancy, newfangled "magic" feeders. But these feisty felines are here to show the world that like a fine wine, they only get better with age.  

1. They have the most adorable raspy ol' meows.



This precious grandma meow belongs to 21-year-old Priscilla, who was recently rescued from the shelter. She has a lot to say about how happy she is in her new forever home.


2. They're comfortable in leadership positions.

senior cat rescue

"I say she was made from the spare parts of other cats, because nothing on her body matches with anything else, and her fur looks like someone threw random fur clippings at her. She rules my entire household. I think she’s the most spoiled cat on the planet and she deserves all of it and more." —katievand4f52b0eaa


3. They're tough as nails. 


"Gimli is 13. He’s pretty spry for his age and is good at beating up the dog. He’s my best friend." —kellyo4

4. They know how to party. 

senior cat sweet sixteen party quincenera for cat cat birthday

"This is my sister’s cat, Bubbles, on her 16th birthday this past June! Bubbles has been through a lot ... but she’s still the queen of the house, and loves to cuddle and sleep on the kitchen table." —johnstonkate


5. They love themselves just the way they are. 

"I don't think it's possible to cram any more personality into one (rather large) being. Sure, she can be a piece of work but hey, I would be too if you had to put up with me every day." —Caillin Allison, Facebook




6. They know what life's all about.

"Kitty is the most friendly and loving cat I’ve ever met. She is also my twin because we both just want to eat and lay on the couch all day." —diana2323236256


7. They're wholesome and pure.

"Pickles has the purest soul in the world. She looks at anyone who approaches her with adoration in her eyes and always greets people with a meek squeak. She loves to be loved, her favorite food is tuna, and she hates car rides." —malasam


8. They always don't act their own age. 

"Tedd refuses to act his age. He can still be found doing 'speed laps' around the house at all hours of the night, will fight us for the warm spot on the couch, and insists on climbing to the top of all shelves and cupboards to demonstrate his superiority over us lowly humans. We love his loud purr, his demanding meow, his green eyes, and his mad cuddling skills." —michelleleew


9. They know how to dress to impress. 

"It's a whole mew world on a magic carpet ride for my 12-year-old Felix! Always prepared for a fancy party with that tux and adorably distinguished face." —Margaux Mae LaMadrid, Facebook 

10. Senior cats are just chock full of love.

"She struggles to get on the couch these days but she's the most friendly, happy, loving and adorable cat. She loves treats, cuddles, sleep and warm places! She's everyone's best friend and my most absolute favourite thing in the entire world." —Caitlyn Boyle, Facebook


Do you have a senior cat of your own, or have you ever adopted a senior cat? Share your stories with us!


[h/t Buzzfeed]

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  • DJ Rhyne

    My precious little girl is a tabby named Leyla Belle. She celebrated her 16th birthday this year. Leyla was about 8 months old and used to sit up in a pear tree in our front yard to avoid the neighborhood one eyed, mean tom cat that prowled around. I would talk to her each day and bring her food & water, but she would stay in the tree. Then one day on the 4th of July she came down and strolled into my garage, got in my lap and started kneading. She had my heart from that moment and a forever home. I had never had a cat before and she taught me how to be a “Cat Mommy”. I don’t know how I ever lived without her. She has always been smart, curious, loving, playful, beautiful and in charge. Her nickname around our house is “The Queen”. As she has gotten older these past few years she has mellowed a lot and wants to be with me all the time no matter what I am doing. When I work on the baskets I design she has a blast playing with ribbons and everything. When she gets tired she picks up some of the flowers, makes a nest and goes to sleep on top of them. At night she curls up in my lap or on my chest and goes to sleep. I will take her paw in my hand and she wraps the other one around my hand and that’s how we sleep. Needless to say I love her dearly…she has my heart….always will.

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