10 Little Gifts Under $10 Cat Lovers Will Adore April 01 2022, 2 Comments

Find the cat lover in your life the purrfect little "thinking of you" gift! Whether you haven't seen them in a while because of COVID, or you just want to let your friends know you were thinking of them, these are the purr-fect gifts that won't break the bank.

Who says you need a special occasion to treat your significant snuggler, BFF, or kitty-loving family member? And all these gifts are under $10 - so you can grab a little something-something for yourself, too!

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1. Cat Stud Earring - $7.00

Add a subtle dash of feline flair to your everyday look with classic 

2. Milton's Cat Butt Dad Hat - $10.00

It's the only planet with cats ...that we know of.

3. Enamel Cat Pins - $6.95

For the cat-loving pin collector in your life!


4. Origami Cat Necklace - $5.00

This gold-plated cat pendant is a subtle way to show your love for cats; with its minimalist but unique style, you can't go wrong wearing this geometric feline that looks good from every angle - he's all angles, after all! 


5. Crystal Paw Print Ring ($5.00) and Bracelet - ($5.00)

Our cats leave paw print son our hearts, and with these crystal paw print accessories we can take them with us wherever we go! 


6. Adorable Cat Phone Cases, Samsung and iPhone - $2.95 $4.95

7. Kitty Hippie Sunglasses - $5.00

The gift that keeps on giving - you get extra cute photos of your cats that are picture perfect for Instagram! 


8.  Sphynx Cat Ring - $5


9. Clowder Cat Scarf - $5.00

Crafted from 100% chiffon, this breezy cat print scarf is ideal for wear all-year round!

10. Floral Garden Cat Ears Headband - $8.90

Add a bit of whimsy to your next Zoom call! The Floral Cat Ears Headband features a delicate bouquet of roses in the shape of cat ears for a distinctly feline look.

cat ears headband flower