10 Hilarious Vet Clinic Signs That Will have You in Stitches Instead of Your Pet

Who says vets offices have to be all kitty-cat band-aids and cones of shame? These clever signs posted outside these animal hospitals prove that veterinarians know a thing or two about anatomy. They didn't spend 8 years in veterinary school and not learn how to tickle a funny bone. 

 1. You know what they say: Cheetahs never prosper. 


2. Mew Tang Clan's newest hit cover album!



3. I always wondered why adopting a cat came with a maid's outfit. 



4. Just say 'MEOW.' I think that's cat for 'No', right?



5. Meow we're talkin'. 



6. The truth hurts.



7. Now that's acorny joke. 



8. My alarm clock also features a setting where it plays the dulcet tones of my cat screaming 'FEED ME' for 5 minutes straight.



9. Ouch. Too soon! It's only been 65 million years.



10. Nobody wants to be in the Cone of Shame!








  • Amber

    Is that Shannon Dourghty in the pic ?

  • Kathy jones

    Love these signs, especially the alarm clock, it is so true. Thanks for bringing back memories.

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