10 Cat Reactions For Every Thanksgiving Situation November 17 2018, 1 Comment

Let's face it, whenever your family gathers ‘round, whether it’s for a Thanksgiving feast or not, there are always a few awkward situations. Like when all 10 of your very well-meaning aunts ask if you've found anyone special yet. ”Besides my cat, Aunt Martha? No.”

But mostly, family gatherings are full of laughter and love. This is how memories are made, after all! The happy, sad, even the awkward situations with your family and friends - especially if there is a literal feast of food and maybe just a bit of booze involved. Here are ten cats who are all too relatable around Thanksgiving! 

1. When your Grandma starts talking about how great you are.

2. When they sit you at the kid's table even though you're in your 20s.

3. When someone asks if you want to take anything home and before they can finish asking you're already taking the pie. 

4. When your favorite cousin shows up an hour late and with no food but it's okay because they're your favorite: 

5. When you hear the latest dish on the family drama from Aunt Tina. 


6. When your favorite crazy aunt comes in with hot pink hair. 


7. When you have to fight over who gets the turkey drumsticks. 

8. When your grandma keeps trying to feed you but you're already so, so full.


9. When you want to pass out but everyone keeps talking to you. Please just let me sleep. 


 10.  When you can finally slip into that food coma, guilt-free and totally thankful.