14 Dogs Having a Cat Identity Crisis

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Even the best good boys get confused sometimes. Whether these pups were raised by cats or are experiencing something of a midlife crisis (who wouldn't in this economy), here are 10 doggos that seem to have forgotten that they are, well, doggos. 


Am I dog, or am I dancer?  Or am I cat?



"Encountered some issues when installing the new cat door, instructions unclear."


All I see in this photo are four cats. What's so weird about that? 


"If I fits, I sits."

"Look at me - look at me. I'm the cat meow." 



Call the fire department, there's a ... cat ... stuck in a tree?



One of these things is not like the other.


If he starts inexplicably knocking precious items off the table, he's too far gone. 


This fella might be trying to prove he's still as thin as he used to be.


 "Yes, I am from a Cat-holic family. Why do you ask?" 



Uh, "meow?" 


 "Should I stay or should I go, should I bark or should I meow?" 


Cat-Dogs are solar powered too, apparently. 


If looks like a dog and boofs like a dog but climbs like a cat, what is it? 


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  • Sonia Anway

    I love those animals pictures.

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