10 Cats Who Love Warmth More Than Anything February 11 2022, 9 Comments

These chilly kitties are a BIG winter mood. Make sure to keep your kitties warm this winter, whether that's through snuggly fleece blankets or a comfy, cozy kitty bed!
Keeping warm in the winter is especially important for senior kitties who might need a little extra help staying warm. 

1. Heater is love. Heater is life. Heater is everything. 

2. There's snow such thing as too much sun! 

3. "I thought this was the line for the litter box. Dang it!"

4. I live here now. I'm never coming out again.  

5. All bundled up and nowhere to go! 

6. "Me and the cat came to an agreement. I share the heat lamp, he doesn't use me as a "gift" to the humans."

7. Keeping the toe beans toasty is essential! 

8. The real reason cats crave warmth? It recharges their batteries. 

9. How to trap a cat? Harness the power of the sun! 

10. Chestwhat's roasting on an open fire?! Eh, too warm to care.