10 Cats Who Have Turned To the Dark Side May 04 2017, 1 Comment

Come to the dark side; We have tuna. (And cookies.)

"In a galaxy far, far away (aka Yesterday) it was Star Wars Day. May 4th. 'May the Fourth be with you,' it was said. There were jokes to be had, laughs to be shared. 

But we're the ones laughing meow. 'Why,' You ask? Because today is May 5th. That's right, peasants. It's the Revenge of the Fifth."


darth vader cat


Are you shaking in your space boots yet? No? Well, have a look at these cold-hearted cats who have embraced the dark side.


Kalico Ren. Watch out, this kitty's got claws. 

And also anger issues. 

adam driver cat kylo ren cat


 Darth Mewl; He's more powerful than you know.


darth maul cat cosplay




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Boba Fett and his new partner, Bob. Bob A. Catt. 



Empurror Palpawtine, who really likes "death" and "stars" or something. He's always going on about it.




This guy who is so devoted to the Empire that he got a TIE fighter tattoo.


Or this devotee, who literally turned his body into a weapon for the dark side ...





Jabba the Catt, but with less "slug" and more "swag."




 Captain Phasmeow. Submit your blaster for inspection! 


captain phasma cosplay catSource: CatCosplay



And last, but certainly not least: Anakin Skywhisker.


darth vader anakin skywhisker



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