10 Cats Who Had a Little Too Much Catnip for 4/20 April 20 2020, 3 Comments

It's 4/20, and these kitties may have hit the 'nip a little too hard. But no, no, they don't have a catnip problem, man. Just chill out! If you're a cat owner, chances are you've seen your cat make one of these faces while enjoying the natural delights of catnip - whether it's through some premium buds or they prefer a more mystical trip via catnip bubbles

Psst - if you've ever wondered why cats go crazy for catnip, you can read more on that here


1. Gave my cat catnip. Afterward, he laid like this for 5 minutes.

Via Reddit


2. He's chilled out to the max, bro.

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3. Cat.exe has stopped working 

4. "4/20 GRAZE IT"

5. "I have to hold it, or it'll float away..."

6. When you hit the 'nip too hard and see into another dimension ...

7. "I can taste purple ... why can I taste purple?!"

8. 3...2...1...BLAST OFF! 



10. The exact moment the catnip kicks in ...