Cats Who Simply Won't Suffer the Indignity of the Cone of SHAME


Most pet owners know the Cone of Shame just by its name; but did you know the correct term is an Elizabethan collar or E-collar for short? It comes from the style of ruffs or collars worn during (unsurprisingly) the Elizabethan era. These, uh, super stylish devices are often given to pet owners by veterinarians to prevent their pets from licking/scratching recent surgery sites, healing wounds, or even skin conditions like allergies. But we can't exactly explain to our favorite felines why we're submitting them to the fashion faux paw of the Cone of Shame. So we normally end up with some pretty entertaining photos.


1. "It's OUR shame now." 

Via Reddit


2. When the Cone of Shame becomes The Cone of Comfort

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3. Dennis does not like the Cone of Shame. ):

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4.  "I am a graceful Hunter. A Noble Beast. I will not suffer this INDIGNITY!!"


5. Adding insult to insult: CATS.


6. "I am a C-A-T. Not a L-A-M-P."


7. "The human keeps saying I look like a 'meow-tini'. Sigh."


8. "I can reach my belly. I KNOW I CAN."

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9. "I feel like I'm in a fishbowl. So where's all the tuna??"


10. This face just says, "Haaaaaaalp!"


  • Catherine J Berry

    Thanks so much – I nearly coughed up a lung laughing!

  • Whidbey Island Girl

    Adorable! These are so my cat!

  • Janet Ginepro

    So cute!

  • Karla

    love the cone of shame pic’s!! I have cats but none of them ever needed a cone.

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