10 Back-to-School Supplies Cat Lovers Will Adore

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Add a bit of purr-sonality to your back-to-school looks!

1. Pineapple Cat Backpack

Head back to school with a tropical state of mind! 

2. Unisex Cat Face Mask and Filter Bundle

Each cloth face mask is crafted from double-layered Polyester fabric and features a filter pocket for filter inserts (included) and are reusable, machine washable and 100% adjustable!

cat face mask with pm 2.5 filter

3. Maybe Tomorrow Notebook

Why do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow? Take a catnap instead! Featuring 120 rule-lined pages and a handy document pocket in the back, this notebook is the purrfect place to take notes.


4. A Better Life Cat Poster

This cute cat poster is the purrfect way to brighten up any room, be it dorm room or bedroom.

I work hard so my cat can have a better life poster

5. Milton the Cat Backpack

Whether you’re headed to class or out on your next great adventure, you’ll want to take our Milton the Cat Backpack wherever you go—because this happy tabby will always have your back.

6.  Meowter Space Cat Laptop Case

To kitfinity and beyond! If you’re on the prowl for a cute laptop sleeve for the new semester or just want a cute laptop carrying case for work, the Meowter Space Cat Laptop Sleeve will not let you down.


Classy Cat Collared Blouse

Why listen to the angel on your shoulder when you could have a cat instead? 


8. Color My Cover Mermaid Cat Notebook 

Color in the cover of this cat notebook, which is a coloring page designed to inspire and ignite your creativity!

Mermaid Cat Phone Case

Let this little mermaid kitty be a part of your world when heading back to explore the new school year!

*Available in multiple iPhone and Samsung models. 

10.  World Domination Cat Notebook

As our feline overlords would say, "The world is yours for the taking." Be sure to keep all your plots and plans for world domination safe and sound in our World Domination Cat Notebook! 



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