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    Cat Themed Home Decor

    Make over your home with our catastic assortment of cat themed home decor products offered here at Meowingtons. This cat-themed online store features a home decor collection that is fun, colorful, and purr-fectly on trend. All of our pieces will flaunt your kitty love to anyone who is welcomed into your home by you and your furry friend(s).

    Cat Pillow

    A pillow is the purr-fect decor piece to liven up a space, so we at Meowingtons offer you a collection of cat printed pillows that will do just that. These adorable kitty designs will not only light up your space, but also your heart. The pillow collection ranges from lighter, natural tones to bright and colorful options that feature both the whimsically grumpy cat and the sophisticated feline.

    Whether you intend for these pillows to be for you or your cat, the lightweight canvas is both durable and comfy - to make sure they can be more than just a decorative piece. Our versatile collection is inspired by various cats in their many, many moods. Some cat pillows available at Meowingtons include the: Hippie Kitty, Hipster Cat, and Nerd Meow toss pillows that all feature an adorable cat we pawmise will win your heart.

    Depending on how you like your pillows, our collection can hold pillows sized 16" by 16" or 17" by 17". Glamorize your space and showcase your love for cats!

    Cat Mugs

    Enjoy your favourite drinks with your kitty. Meowingtons has come with the collection of cat mugs. Explore now. Meow!

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