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    Cat Socks

    Need to put some pep back in your step? Want to show the world you’ve got cat-titude? Well, go ahead and sock it to ‘em with a pair of quirky, cute cat socks.

    Socks can be boring, sure. But who says shoes get to hog the spotlight? If you’re a cat-crazy lady who wants to put her best foot forward, these cool and cozy cat themed socks are an ideal way to flaunt your cat-tastic style. Knock the socks right off everyone else.

    Meowingtons offers a range of one-size-fits-all socks that are just about the cutest accessories you’ll find around. With these socks on your tootsies, you don’t have to wait till your cat decides to cuddle your feet. The ankle socks are made of a high-quality cotton blend that makes it a perfect option for all seasons, events, and occasions. The lightweight and breathable material keep your feet cool all day long. Your dogs won’t be barkin’ as long as you’ve got on a pair of Meowingtons cat socks! The delectable style and charming kitties printed on the socks paw-mises to add a bit of fun and spark to even the most boring day.

    Pair the socks with your laidback everyday wear or with your casual attire, to give your style a pop of color and pizazz. The ankle-cut fit of the socks work great with sneakers, runners and all sorts of casual wear. The elastic cuffs are soft and comfortable without sliding around or without leaving deep rings on your skin. You’ll positively purr over these adorable socks depicting irresistible kitties. Dive into our sock drawer and find yourself a matching pair! Show your mischevious side with the subtle winking cat liner sock or explore the depths of space and time with our Space cat socks. Spock socks, as it were. Live long and paw-sper. Oh, and happy shopping!

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