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    Cat makeup bags

    Makeup bags are the easiest way to keep all your makeup organized and portable to pack into any purse or suitcase while travelling. If you carry your makeup loose in your purse or travel without a makeup bag, you know how messy and annoying it is to go without one. As we always do at Meowingtons, we bring you a regular item with a fabulous kitty-cat twist! Our cat themed makeup bags, available at, are especially designed to carry all sorts of things for our fellow cat lovers.

    You can't really have a serious makeup collection without a makeup bag – it truly can be a disaster. However, if you don't like anything too large, the Glam cat makeup bag is small enough to pack in a purse, but allows you to keep your go-to make up handy and organized. At the same time it is spacious enough to carry all your necessary belongings.

    In our opinion, the best part of the handbags and makeup bags available at are the cute feline prints on them. The cat's expression with her long eye lashes, cute ears, nose, and plush tail, makes the makeup bag a must have for all kitty admirers.

    Although originally meant for makeup, these bags make for purrfect pencil cases or bags to store your jewelry in. These trendy bags are not only irresistible to cat lovers but for every fashion fanatic around.

    You can now collect as many makeup items as you wish - the furry makeup bag paw-mises to keep each and every item safe from little sisters, daughters, and nosey roommates. Get rid of your old, boring makeup bags and replace it with these compact cat bags for all your valuable makeup items.

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