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Cat Coin Purses

As most of us know, lugging around a wallet that is big enough to hold all your heavy change is simply impractical, or having to fish out change in an overstuffed wallet can prove to be quite the challenge. So for those of you who like to keep your coins separate, Meowingtons has designed an adorable collection of cat coin purses that are both functional and whimsical! The collection was designed to include a variety of cats and their varied expressions and personality traits.

This collection transforms the basic coin purse into a fun and adorable accessory that speaks to all the cat lovers out there! The wide range of designs available ensures that each cat lover can leave their home with a cute reminder of their kitty waiting at home for them. These cat coin purses are small and can be com-fur-tably kept in your bag or clutch.

Available in a range of colors and expressions, you are sure to find one that will compliment your cat's unique personality! The collection includes the funny cat, the grumpy cat, the daisy cat, and a Buddha cat, just to name a few. When you can't be with your beloved furry friend, every time you reach into your purse these cat coin purses are sure to make you smile. Each design is lined with a fun floral print and soft velvet covers the back of each purse. Not only are these great little treats to buy for yourself, but these cat coin purses at meowingtons.com make for the best personalized gifts for your cat loving friends.