Milton Vaults: Bed Hog



  • Jes v

    Milton beans! They’re exactly as adorable as I imagined

  • Juanita

    Everyday I check my email for a new cartoon and everyday I enjoy the antics of Milton & Millie. You have captured what each of us cat parents go through at one time or another. I just love seeing the cartoons & hope to continue doing so for a long time. Thank you for the smiles and the laughs!

  • Michelle

    The Milton cartoon is something I wait for with baited breath every day. As a cat mama, I can relate to all that you share through the antics of Milton & Millie & their own cat mama. I’ve shared several with friends & on social media, & people who also have cats or who have had cats or who have heard about cats always relate to what goes 9n each day.

    Thank-you for this daily bright spot! 😻❤️

  • Gail Honeycutt

    Milton and Millie always bring a smile to my face! They are typical furbabies..

  • Genessa

    I love your talent! Thank you so much for sharing. Milton makes my day, I look forward to seeing him everyday:)

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