Why Cats Would Make the Best Humans

Life can be hard, have you ever just looked at your cat and thought, 'I wish I had it that easy' ? Well, your cat is looking right back at you thinking, 'I could do the whole human thing better'. Becuase as you know, the one thing cats don't lack is confidence. 

1. They are very reliable.

2. They are fearless.

3. They know how to let loose and treat themselves.


4. They are straight forward. 


5. They make great travel buddies because they can sleep anywhere.


6. They can get lost in a good book.

meowingtons cat

7. They are hard workers.

8. They recycle, no box goes unused! 

9. They clean up after themselves. 

10. Thye are debatably the greatest snugglers around.




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