We Helped Shelter Cats Find Their Forever Homes The Crazy Cat Lady Way

Meowingtons is proud to say that we are helping bring cats together with their forever families. And we're doing it the crazy cat lady way.

While the term might conjure up images straight out of Grey Gardens, Meowingtons is here to help the modern cat-loving woman redefine what it means to truly be, well, a crazy cat lady!


Our love of cats goes well beyond sharing the dankest cat memes and providing the latest feline-fueled fashion trends. We’re here to support a community of driven, compassionate women who love their furry felines to the stars and back. And we may or may not want to hug all the cats in the world.

At the very least, we want to help find loving homes for all the "unwanted" cats out there. 

So that's what we did! Partnering with our friends at Humane Broward, Meowingtons sponsored a Free Cat Adoption Day and covered the fees of any cats adopted during the event. We are also featuring shelter cats in need of new homes on our Apparel page! 





Congratulations to @katsmeow11 and her new best friend Bella Nova -- now known as Nova Noir! 






New cat parents went home with Meowingtons merch fit for them and their new fur babies, a gift from us to show our thanks and help the new families start off on the right paw!  



Alongside the adoption event, we hosted a live photo shoot starring some of the cats up for adoption. Local and self-proclaimed crazy cat ladies modeled shirts from the Meowingtons apparel collection to help the shelter cats' cause!

As most fellow cat fanatics know, cats aren't always the most cooperative creatures. But our initial concerns went right out the window with these lonely, needy shelter cats who just wanted some love and attention ... 




Maybe some delicious treats ... 



 Even some new cat toys and a little time to just be a cat. 

These fierce, fluffy and adorably feline models really stole the spotlight! Their photos, names, and information are featured on our high-traffic apparel page to increase their chances of finding a loving forever family! 



How can you not fall in love with a face like Myles'? 








 And just look at Goldy's li'l pink snoot and white-dipped paws.



Just feast your eyes on the adorable fluff that is Frankie's jelly belly. 





This chunky hunk of purrin' love, Don Juan, already found a new home!


ginger tabby orange cat


Along with the sensational Sia!



Many of the feline models have been adopted already. But if you're in the market for a best friend of the feline persuasion, check out the rest of our collection to see more cats ready for a forever family! 


The Meowingtons Team wants to thank everyone who showed their support and helped us help the cats most in need, especially our friends at Humane Broward for hosting us! 

We are hoping to host more adoption events in the future and feature even more cats on the Meowingtons site to show that these cats are wanted, and loved. Each of these cats is deserving of a happily ever after. Thank you!



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