10 Ways To Slowly Cover Your House In Cats

Cats make everything better: even interior decorating. Cats have already dominated the Internet (and our hearts), so why not our homes?  And, hey, just because we have cat hair on nearly every porous surface of our home doesn't mean it still can't look fabulous! 


1. Put a cat on it with our Friend to Street Cats Poster


2. Add a bit of feline flair to your countertops with the Tom Cat Mug

3. Or freshen up your bed pillows with a minimalist meow with these decorative pillow shams.


4. What's a chateau without the chat? Toss a Le Chat Pillow or the mysterious Mr. Kitster on your couch for the purr-fect feline accent. 


5. Or find yourself a blanket that makes you vow to take more naps.


6. Freshen up your living room with a new toss pillow cover!


7. Make sure your kitty has a space of their own, too, with the Fruit Tart Cat Bed. Who says cat beds have to be ugly? 


8. You can never have too many cat posters


9. And don't they always say, the more mugs, the merrier?

Shop this mug here


10. And it's never too late to cuddle up to a Milton the Cat plush - he doubles as a pillow and a plush, too! 

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