Ukrainian Cat Is Saved From Destroyed Building After Russian Forces Destroy It

In a small bit of relief in a sea of awful news regarding Ukraine being invaded by Russia, a cat was saved from a destroyed building.

Russian soldiers ravaged the multi-story building in Borodyanka. As the rescue operation was looking for survivors, sharp eyes spotted the terrified feline on the 7th floor of the bombed-out building. 


Rescuers were able to get a firetruck and cherrypicker to reach the stranded cat. It was a difficult rescue as the building only had one stable wall remaining. 




Thankfully, the bedraggled cat was rescued and taken in by volunteers; cleaned up, fed, and cared for. 

Photo: Facebook / Eugene Kibets

In an update posted May 7th - it turns out that the rescued cat is in fact female, and she was recognized by her owner's thanks to all the coverage the cat’s rescue received. The lucky cat’s name is Gloria and she is 10 years old. 

According to Gerashchenko’s Twitter, when the bombings began, Gloria hid so well that her owners couldn’t find her and they had to make the difficult decision to save themselves and leave Gloria behind. Gloria’s owners hope to be reunited with her. 

Another cat was also saved from bombings and was adopted by the Ukrainian government: 



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