Purrfect Mew Year's Resolutions For Cats

Humans are not the only ones who can benefit from New Year's Resolutions! While you're drafting up your 2020 Resolutions, be sure to set some goals for your favorite feline family member, too. Make 2020 the best year yet - for the both of you! 

Here are 5 great goals you and your feline can set to ring in the Roaring 2020s! 

1. Play More (Aka Get in Shape!)

Click here to see the Mouse Hunt Cat Toy - an app-controlled Bluetooth mouse toy.

Did you know that obesity in housecats is a big problem? This preventable disease affects up to 50% of North American cats. You’ve probably got some fitness and diet goals for yourself in the New Year - why not add your cat to that, too?  Find a toy that appeals to their natural hunting instincts - even the chunkiest of house kitties have them! If your cat likes to chase and run down their "prey," try the Mouse Hunt Cat Toy - an RC mouse toy you can control directly from your phone! If your cat likes to chase birds, try a feather wand that simulates the flight of birds and the rustle of feathers, too! 


Featuring our Pizza Cat Bed (available for purr-chase) - Photo thanks to Olive!

In this age of bright, blue screens and instant access to the world and all its news at our fingertips, it can be difficult to get a good night’s rest. If there’s one thing cats can teach us, it’s how to sleep; Especially considering cats can sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day! 


3. Stop Scratching The Furniture

Cats scratch furniture for a number of reasons - whether it's stress relief, shedding/sharpening claws, or even marking their territory (both visually and scent-marking). To save your furniture, it's important to provide your cat with ample cat-friendly places to scratch! Like the Modern Wave Cat Tree, which is covered entirely with Sisal mat - an entire tree just for scratching! Your kitty won't be able to resist.  

4. Lead a more ENRICHED life

Environmental enrichment is especially important for cats whose owners work long hours outside the home (to pay for all the kitty food and toys!). Environmental enrichment comes in many shapes and forms, and you can have fun experimenting with what works best for your cat.

Try automatic toys like an automatic laser toy videos of birds and small mammals that will keep your cat busy for hours, cat scratchers, cat treat balls, and other amusements that can keep your cat entertained in your absence, which reduces stress, which makes for a happy feline.

Happy Mew Years - and good luck with your resolutions!  

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