10 Times Cats Were Just Too Pure For This World

Cats + Christmas. It doesn't get any purer than this, folks! 'Tis the season for joy, warmth, and laughter, after all.  But if you're having a bit of a blue Christmas, these kitties are here to show you that there is always something to smile about. We've covered cats who are nothing but naughty - but here are some festive felines who are simply too pure for this world. 


When this kitty gave birth under the Christmas tree:

Or how about when this cat and her favorite pup posed for the ultimate Christmas photo?


Or when this precious angel saw Christmas lights for the very first time?


Or this li'l Christmas bunny who wanted to reenact their favorite Christmas movie?



Photo featuring our Meowingtons Ambassador, Gypsy the Cat, meowdeling our Bunny Cat Costume!  


Or this li'l reindeer, who just wants to follow her dreams:


Or this round butterball who is just feline festive in her purrfect Christmas sweater!

Via Instagram


And this Christmas kitty who knew that she was the best gift of all.

Via Reddit


How about this Christmas chunk who can't wait for Santa Paws?




Or this sleepy Santa who couldn't keep his eye open after his third serving of milk and catnip cookies. 


And this tree-climbing kitty who knows that Christmas is a winter wonderland of your own making!



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