This Very Chunky, Very EXTRA Kitty Needs a Home

"Yes, I know I am EXTRA."

Meet Bruno, the most extra cat on the Internet right meow. He's extra "thicc" as the kids say. He's got extra toe beans. He's got extra picky tastes. And he's extra ready for his new home! 

Bruno is 25 pounds of love and catittude, chock full of meows and personality.

But why does the Internet love Bruno so much? This quirky feline truly is an all-around extra feline! He's a polydactyl (meaning he has a few extra toes), and a funny habit of standing on his hind legs when he's feeling hungry.

He also refuses to drink water from his dish unless it is in an entirely separate room from his food. He also prefers to be pet while he's eating and will meow at you until you do so.



He's been at the Write-Way Rescue Adoption Center in Morton Grove, Illinois, since April 11. He was given up for adoption because he "wasn't meshing well with young kids in his home." 

Erin Ellison, who works at the shelter, told Buzzfeed, "He was no doubt loved by his former family but maybe a little too much," she said. "He needed a home that would love him enough to help him trim down."

Bruno has been in a foster home, where his foster mom has been helping him diet, which includes getting him to exercise.

All in all, to some viewers Bruno might seem like a whole lot of cat to take care of. He's a little different, a little extra. But aren't we all, in our own ways? Bruno needs someone who is going to love Bruno for Bruno, quirks and all! 

Find out more info about the beautiful Bruno on the rescue's Facebook page! ! 


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