This Cat Cafe Has A Wax Figure Of Ed Sheeran And It's Ameowzing

Join us for a trip into the Uncanny Valley that is Madame Tussauds—only with more cats! The famed museum of eerily lifelike wax figures has unveiled their newest addition to their halls of fame: Ed Sheeran. Now, where do the cats come in? Enter Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in London, England, where the famed singer's newest wax figure made its debut, purrfectly surrounded by cats. 



It's not our place to ask why wax figures are a thing. But we can ask why a wax figure of a singer in a cat cafe? Simply put, Ed loves cats! 

"Knowing what a pet lover he is, launching the figure at London’s renowned cat café felt like something the man himself would surely approve of," said Edward Fuller, the General Manager at Madame Tussauds London, to the Evening Standard.


Ed Sheeran hasn't been shy about his love for cats. 




He seems happy to show the world that it isn't just ladies who are crazy about cats.



Ed's got three cats of his own: Dorito, Calippo and his new rescue kitten, Graham, who's become quite famous himself.  



Ed Sheeran's included cats in his music videos.



He even opened the 2015 Music Awards by cuddling kittens.



How adorable is that?!



On his Thinking Out Loud tour in Japan, Ed Sheeran stopped off at a cat cafe to serenade some kitties with his dulcet tones. Spoiler: the cats didn't seem too impressed with the heartthrob's guitar playing skills. 


It's no wonder Madame Tussaud's chose a cat cafe to unveil their homage to the singer in a cat cafe. It only seems fitting! 

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