This Sweet Cat Bed Is The Cutest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Introducing the single most Instagramable thing ever: this cat bed, shaped like a fruit tart.

fruit tart cat bed novelty cat bedPhoto: HenryAndTheSkywalkers, Instagram 

Seriously, Instagram loves this cat bed. 

Photo: realjimhsu, Instagram

Your cat can curl up in the soft pastry shell ...

fruit tart cat bed novelty cat bed
Photo: zeus_and_xena_thebengals, Instagram


Surrounded by adorable stuffed fruit pillows ...

Photo: spaghettss, Instagram     

So your sweet kitty will have even sweeter dreams! 

fruit tart cat bed novelty cat bedPhoto: tunafeast, Instagram


It can double as a holder for all your plushies.



And it's purrfect for cat birthday parties. Or should we say pawties?  


The fruit pillows also encourage exercise. Get ready for bunny kicks, and never skip leg day! 


Your cat will thank you. And so will your Insta followers! 

Photo: HenryAndTheSkywalkers, Instagram  


Bonus: It's also a heckin' good bed for small doggos. 

Good Bois only!

Photo: Catherine JiHye Go / BuzzFeed


Want to spoil your fine feline with this sweet treat? Click here to read more about the Fruit Tart Cat Bed. Meow! 

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