Thanksgiving Treats You Can Actually Give Your Cat

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year at veterinary emergency hospitals. The majority of cases involve cats and dogs being fed foods that are harmful - a lot of our traditional holiday feast fair can be dangerous or toxic for our feline friends. 

To have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving for all of our family members, two-legged and four-legged, here is a list of Thanksgiving foods you should avoid giving your cat: stuffing, pumpkin pie, chocolate or raisin desserts, and bread dough. Still, as long as cats eat mostly their own food, there are more than a few ways to spoil them this week. After all, they're a part of the family. They deserve to celebrate the holidays as much as we do!

Here are some Thanksgiving treats you can actually give your cat to include them in the holiday festivities. 

While you're cracking open a bottle of vino to pair with your turkey feast, pour your cat a bowl of MosCATo Cat Wine

This non-alcoholic, catnip-infused beverage is the purrfect treat for your cat on Thanksgiving.  


Skip the main course and head straight to dessert: Ciao Cat Treats.

Who needs pumpkin pie when you've got Ciao? This yummy puree treat, available in seven savory flavors (including tuna, chicken, and scallop) will have your cat meowing for Ciao! 

ciao cat treats spoiled cat

What's more fun than eating food? Chasing bubbles.

This catnip-infused bubble solution is kitty safe and tons of fun to pop! 

If your cat is a fan of brunch (who isn't?) try this tasty dynamic duo!  

This Brunch Squad is stuff full of premium catnip and silver vine to stimulate exercise - so they can burn off all those leftovers! 

Via Wobblydelta, Instagram 


Give your kitty something to chew on with the Catnip Dental Chew Sticks.

Reduce plaque and tartar buildup on your cat's teeth and give your kitty somethin' to chew on - without all the calories. 

You cat will pepperonly have eyes for this delicious pepurroni pizza!

Who doesn't love pizza ... especially when it's stuffed with catnip? (And it's refillable, too!)

Refillable Peppurroni Pizza Catnip ToyVia lilianalamanna, Instagram


Finally, a treat your cat will go bananas for. Literally.

This banana toy is stuffed with organic catnip and made from 100% recycled materials! 


If your butterball needs a bit of, ah, "trimming" before (or after) Thanksgiving, try cycling in some of these new treats to help keep off some of that holiday fat. And if you want to include your cat in all the Thanksgiving festivities this year, remember - keep it plain and simple!


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