Shelter Cats Are Learning To High Five to Get Adopted

They say that first impressions are everything - and when it comes to shelter cats, this is truer than ever. It can be tough for cats in the shelter to make a good first impression - shier, less energetic cats can easily get passed over as unfriendly. But the Cat Pawsitive initiative is here to change that: it's encouraging shelter staff and volunteers around the US to teach their adoptable cats to master adorable, endearing tricks, like high-fiving!  

While cats get flak for not being as obedient or "trainable" as dogs, cats can actually be trained. And by teaching these shelter cats, the Cat Pawsitive techniques not only teach old cats new tricks - but this interactive training also increases engagement and socialization and decreases stress in cats. It helps adoption rates. 

Photo: CatPusic on Youtube

Cat Pawsitive is a life-saving program that uses positive reinforcement to train felines to be more sociable. The cat daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy, and the GreaterGood have come together to host their first-ever National High-Five Day Shelter Contest.



From now until National High Five Day on April 19, animal shelter employees, volunteers, and pet owners can share their high-fiving cat photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #CatPawsitive and tagging @TheJacksonGalaxyProject and @HaloPets. Entrants can also tag their local animal shelter to nominate them as a recipient for the prize. Pet Project

Entries will be judged on April 19th by The Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy! The top 5 high-fivers will win a donation to the shelter or rescue of their choice as in the form of a $5000 cash grant and 10,000 bowls of Halo® pet food courtesy of and, and the posts will be shared on Jackson Galaxy’s Facebook page! Four runners-up will each get 10,000 bowls each of Halo® pet food courtesy of and! 

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