10 Spoiled Cats That Probably Have a Better Life Than You February 15 2019, 0 Comments

These cats are napping in the lap of luxury. But, hey, can you blame the folks who spoil their cats? Our furry feline friends deserve it, after all the nonsense they put up with from us humans.  

1. This guy, who has his own elevator.

2. This cat, who has his own hammock / bridge. I don't have either.

3. Or this lucky kitten, who has his very own castle. Or is that catsle?

4. This catssanova, who's got his own leather couch.

5. This cat, who will take her catnaps only in crystal, dear.


6. This cat who is playing his own iPad, in his very own teepee.

Want to spoil your own cat with their very own tent? Click here

7. This actual luxury hotel for cats.

8. This cat who has his own set of cat-sized furniture. 


9. This cat, who says there is no such thing as "too many toys." 

10. This cat, who will only eat off nice China, Jeeves.