Sneaky Hoarder Cats Caught Red-Pawed With Their Stashes

We all know that cats are sneaky little mischief makers; some more than others. While some cats are content to naps as many hours as there are in a day, some tricksy little cats seem intent to get up to no good; namely, stealing things that don't belong to them.

And unlike the often guilty-faced doggo who gets into the garbage, cats are notoriously skilled at getting away with their misdeeds. But is it any wonder? They are built for stealth and silence, after all, and have often been compared to ninjas. 

Here is a collection of mischievous kitties with a serious case of sticky paws who got caught red-handed with their stash of stolen goods.


"My nose was dry, human. Do you want me to have a dry nose?!"


"Ugh. It socks to be me right meow."



"Haha, who put those there? I've never seen them in my life!"


"Have I seen the dog's toys? No. I've always had these toys next to my food dish."

 "One hooman's trash is another kitty's treasures."


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"You can't pin anything on me!"




"I, uh, was just holding 'em for a friend. Yeah, that's it!"


"Um ... Meowy Christmas?"


"I like socks. That is all."



"I was keeping these things safe for you, human!"


"Ok. I took all the straws. Just don't ask me why."



Does your cat have "hoarding" tendencies? What do they hoard?



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