Snapchats That Prove Cats Are More Cuddly Than You Think

Cats have a bit of a reputation for being aloof, standoffish. Dog people use it as an argument in the eternal cats vs dogs debate. But cat people the world over know how affectionate cats can be, and how capable they are of providing unconditional love. These Snaps from cat lovers all over the world reveal the truth of the matter - cats are way more cuddly than most people think! 

They show how grateful they are. 

And they'll never let you forget it. 

They can sense when cuddles are needed the most. 

And put their healing purrs to good use. 


They can actually be quite possessive over their humans. 

They know when someone needs hugs. 

Or a kiss ... 

Or a hug good-bye. 

Sometimes they're the ones that need the hugs. 

They like attention more than people think! 

And if you're chosen for cuddles, there's no way you can move. 

You're stuck there until they decide the head boops (or head hoops) are over.  



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