20 Rude AF Cats Being Shamed For Their Kitty Crimes

These felonious felines don’t know the meaning of remorse. All right, maybe “felonious” is a bit harsh. But these mischievous cats are at the very least guilty of disrupting the peace. And the worst part, they are absolutely unapologetic. But what can you do? Cats will be cats. And we love them for it. 

1. No fluffs given, clearly. 



2. Well, he's not wrong. 

3. He knows a loophole when he sees one. 

4. Talk about passive aggressive ... 

5. Sound logic. 

6. I believe him.

7. Okay, this isn't rude but we included it because it's so cute. 

8. Honestly? Such a mood.

9. JJ thinks he's slick. 

10. Meanwhile, the cat bed remains untouched ... 

11. It's too small. But it still belongs to me. 

12. The only way to compromise with a cat.

13. I mean, who can blame him? Being the little spoon is the best.

14. He's got 'em right where he wants 'em. 

15. Paws Crossed, Max Cattitude Achieved 

16. But did they catch it, though? 

17. Poopy is as poopy does. 

18. She's just making sure everything goes okay! 

19. "I've made a huge mistake." 

20. Merry Fluffin' Christmas. 

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