RIP Bento, Legendary Keyboard Cat and Master of Synth


Bento, also known as Keyboard Cat, passed away earlier this week. The key-tapping feline was an Internet sensation best known for his skills at pawing the ivory.

Bento was 9 years old when he passed of liver cancer. According to TimeBento was adopted by Charlie Schmidt in 2009 after a video of his previous cat, Fatso—a.k.a. the original Keyboard Cat—went viral in 2007. The video footage itself was from 1984, and Fatso had long since passed away.

The original Keyboard Cat video is considered one of the most prolific viral videos - garnering over 50 million views. And while Fatso was Bento's launch into Internet stardom, Bento became a YouTube star in his own right thanks, starring in a series of videos - and even commercials - that featured his synthesizer skills. 

“Not every cat in the world can do this," Schmidt told The Washington Post. "Or everybody would be and there would be a million Keyboard Cats.”  Bento craved the attention.


Bento's dad posted a video in tribute to his beloved, talented companion, highlighting his favorite videos and all the joy he brought to viewers around the world.



Needless to say, the Internet is in a state of mourning. 

Since Schmidt posted the tribute video, he told the Washington Post that Keyboard Cat’s social media channels, and even his personal email, have been flooded with messages of condolence from around the world.

“I got an email today from people in South Africa," said Scmidt. "[They] were asking me, ‘What do I do with my 6-year-old? He won’t stop crying.'"

Others took to Twitter to share their sorrow over the loss of Bento, adding a bit of humor and light (as we like to think Bento would have appreciated):




Rest in Peace, Keyboard Cat. You played your way into our hearts!

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  • Keri

    So sorry to read of your journey to the other side, Bento. You will be greatly missed here as you made so many happy with your love and talent. Rest In Peace, sweet kitty. You did good.

  • Bonnie

    RIP Bento😿we are all sad to see you go. You made us happy
    Playing your piano 🎹. But I know you are feeling better
    Now and waiting on that rainbow 🌈 bridge for your buddy.
    My deepest sympathies

  • Judy Garry

    Rest in Peace Dear Bento your unique talent has made ypu dear to many people. Cross over to the Rainbow Bridge and keep looking for your mentor when you can be reunited. Rock On Bento💞

  • Debra Lawson

    So sorry to hear this news. RIP Bento.

  • jmuhj

    In yet another week full of bumming news, this bummed me more than all the rest. RIP, Bento. We’re missing you. Deepest condolences to his dude.

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