15 Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos



You know the hundreds of pictures of your cat sleeping you have on your phone? The ones taking up all the memory? Taking all those pics is worth it, if only to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments of hilarity.


Some people wait a lifetime for a meowment like this.


cat heart tails


You've heard of UFOs. But what about UFFs? (Unidentified Flying Felines) 


perfectly timed photos


"Sharing is caring, Karen."


cat drinking


You know what they say about curiosity and the cat ...


 curious cat wet cat


"Get ready, human, here me come!"


flying cat

 DIY on a Budget: Nyan Cat Edition.


nyan cat grumpy cat internet cat memes


Death by kitten hugs? There are worse ways to go.



A face all cat parents make at least once a day.


cat butt why


Art imitates life.


cat and tiger tiger cat


Keep calm and cat on.




Now you're thinking with Portals. (Also, the cake is a lie.)




"I must go. My people need me."



Yet another unrealistic body standard for cats. 




"I meowstache you a question. But I'll shave it for later." 



Teamwork makes the dream work, I guess? 







  • Lori

    Awesome pictures ,thanks

  • J.S

    Cats, the best in free entertainment! A source of endless delight.

  • Nicole

    Omg cats are just so perfect they make the best fun lovable family members ???❤❤❤

  • Diane Ricciardi Stewart

    love them!!! — especially the Portal one. . .♥♥♥

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