Purrfect Gifts For The Tiny Cat Lovers In Your Life

For all the cat moms and dads out there who want to pass on the torch of cat obsession to their little ones, here are some purrfect gift ideas! So whether you’re headed to a baby shower for your favorite crazy cat lady or you want to inspire cat love in your kiddo from the start, our collection of kid-friendly collection will have your little bundles of joy feline fine! 


1. For the coolest baby you know: the Meowpreme Onesie

2. For the kitty who's up to no good, the Ask The Cat Baby Onesie


3. Let your cool cat's purrsonality shine in the Check Meowt Kid's Shirt! 

4. Having fun is awful, according to Grumpy Cat. But your kid will have tons of fun reading along with the Little Grumpy Cat That Wouldn't!

5. Mealtime's messy for babies (and cats, too). While you can't put a bib on your cat, you can put this Crazy Cat Mom Fleece Baby Bib on your kiddo! 


6. It's Lil Bub in a Lil book! Explore kitfinity and beyond with Lil Bub in Lil BUB's Lil Book!


7. Imagine how cute your little one will look posing next to their fluffy big sister in this funsie onesie

8. Or if your kiddo's big brother has paws and whiskers, the Big Brother Cat Onesie might be the purrfect fit.  

9. Join Grumpy Cat in a winter wonderland of NO in Grumpy Cat's First Worst Christmas!


10. Learning shapes is essential for any baby, so be sure to teach them about the Purramid



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