Purrfect Father's Day Gifts for the Cat Dad of the Year!

We feel like all the Cat Dads don't get enough love. It's not just ladies who are crazy about cats, after all. So this Father’s Day, we’ve got all the cat dads covered!   

For the father of cats that likes space, cats, and puns all in one, The CATSA Space Tee!

For the Cat Dad who's as human as the rest of us, The Shit Together T-Shirt

For the cat daddio who's got as much style as he does cattitude, this shirt is right up his alley. 

This phone pop is tops for your Pops! 

And don't fur-get about the certain special someone in your cat dad's life that makes him, well, a cat dad! 

Is there any food combination manlier than chicken and waffles?

Wake-y wake-y, eggs and bakey! Serve your favorite kitty up a hearty breakfast this Father's Day.


Dads like to go fishing. Cats like to catch fish! The Fishing Pole Cat Toy is a win-win. 


Or for the dad who's Catch of the Day is their cat!



So if you're looking to celebrate the Cat Dad in your life, take a look through our Father's Day Picks

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