15 Photos & Videos That Prove Cats Can Be Good Boys, Too

Cats are often negatively stereotyped by self-proclaimed "not cat people" as being aloof, uncaring, and un-affectionate. As opposed to dogs, who are seen as man's best friend, Good Boys, if you will.

Cat parents know that this bad rap that cats get isn't true at all. Sure, it's fun to joke around as cat owners that cats see us as their butlers or "staff" who don't care about anyone but themselves. After all, cats were once worshipped as godlike figures in ancient Egypt - and they seem to know it!

But we're here today to prove to those "not a cat person" people that cats can be just as warm and affectionate as dogs in a series of adorable photos and videos. Yes, cats can be good boys, too! 


1. This cat, who rescued his owner from being locked out:


2. And this kitty, who knew just how to comfort her friend:


3. And this very helpful phone holder. (Where can I get one?!)

Via Reddit


4. This loyal feline who brought his best dog friend a stick, the ultimate gift you can give a dog:

5.  And this very patient patient.

Via Reddit 

6. And this empathetic feline:


7. And this kitty, who keeps his BFF company on their walks:



8. Or this midwife moggy, who's giving a massage to a goat in labor.


from Cute GIFs via Gfycat



9. Or this doting nanny cat, offering a relaxing massage:



10. And this purr-fect babysitter:


via Gfycat



11. And this ex-stray kitty who nurses other animals at the shelter back to health:


12. This kitty, who helps his grandpa read the paper:



13. And this conscientious kitty, who helped her husky friend out with a spot of grooming:

14. And this loving mama cat who adopted a kitten in need without a moment's hesitation: 

15. And this considerate kitty who knows that sharing is caring!

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