10 Products Your Cat Needs Right Meow (Besides A Cardboard Box)

A cat's life can be stressful: deciding what to scratch, who to ignore, having to wake up from your nap every hour to stay in the sunbeam ... It can be taxing on a cat. Luckily, our feline friends have us to spoil them rotten. 

Treat your cat to a luxurious massage. 

Step up your cat petting game with this Cat Face Massager




Give your cat a chance at catching The Red Dot!

... While you get to push cute little toe beans without getting scratched. 



Spice things up from the same old catnip routine with a bit of Silvervine - they'll be on Cloud Nine! 

Silvervine is an all-natural catnip alternative containing two cat attractants that make it even more potent than catnip!

silver vine cloud nine toy silver vine cat toy

Treat them to a fun, no-stress way to clean their teeth.

These catnip chew sticks are designed to encourage your cat to gnaw - and clean their teeth in the process! 

Crown them the King (or Queen) of the jungle. 

The Luxury Cat Tree House will make your cat feel like a real wildcat. 

Photo: Instagram


meowingtons cat accessories cat apparel cat clothes cat sweater cat earrings cat ring

Or take them with you on your next adventure.

The Space Dome Travel Backpack is an airline-approved carrier designed to help your cat safely explore the world outside their litter box. 

Space Dome Travel Cat Backpack cat bubble backpack

Photo: Instagram


Or simply cuddle up with them at home for some TLC. 

The Cat Pouch Hoodie will keep you both warm and cozy - and entertained!  


Treat your cat to Sunday Brunch - and a Meowmosa or two! 

The Meowmosa beverage contains no orange juice or champagne, just a yummy, healthy salmon oil infusion to sip!

And don't forget to serve up these scrumptiously silly Brunch Buddy catnip toys!

Or simply enjoy a glass of vino with your gatto. 

Pinot Meow is a non-alcoholic, catnip-infused beverage - the purrfect treat for your cat!  


meowingtons cat accessories cat apparel cat clothes cat sweater cat earrings cat ring

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