Please Take A Moment To Appreciate This Cat Who Loves Snuggling Peaches

Meet Ozzy. Ozzy happens to be a cat. Ozzy also happens to love peaches. 

Don't worry, Ozzy doesn't love eating peaches. He just loves cuddling with them! 

He belongs to the parents of 27-year-old Lydia Coutre of Cleveland, Ohio, who originally tweeted about Ozzy's peachy obsession earlier this week.

Needless to say, the Internet loves its cats (and we do, too!) so it wasn't long before this plump, peach-snuggling feline stole the hearts of Twitter and the Internet at large. 


It's unclear exactly where Ozzy's unusual obsession began or why he's declared himself the household's Peach Protector, but according to Lydia, the leading theory at the moment is that he likes "the fuzziness"; the first time the Coutre fam brought peaches around the tabby, he just started rubbing on them. And the rest, as they say is hiss-tory. 

Maybe he thinks they're fuzzy cat eggs he needs to protect?


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Or as one commenter suggested, Tiny Tree Kittens?




Whatever the reason, it's just plain adorable. 


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We all know that cats can be a bit, well, weird. They do strange things like inexplicably cuddle with fruit. So it wasn't long before fellow cat owners came out of the woodwork and shared their cat's unique and sometimes unusual cuddle preferences. 








In a time when news headlines are inundated with some heavy stuff, stories like Ozzy the Peach Guardian are so wholesome and pure it's like a breath of fresh air. In fact, Ozzy's peachy passion has captured the hearts - and creativity - of more than a few artists. 





Whatever the reason for Ozzy's peach-crazed cuddlefests, we're happy to have a dose of feline feel-good news. Thanks for reading! 

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