Don't Furr-get About Your Cat on BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY!

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It is that time of year again! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means two things: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It's madness. But when it comes to the holidays, we're all a little mad, aren't we? 

Here at Meowingtons, we have something for everyone. So this Black Friday, while you are doing some early holiday shopping while the deals are blazing, don't forget about your cat! You can shop for your fine feline up to 80% OFF our entire store using code: BLACKFURDAY.

Meowingtons doesn't only cater to crazy cat people. We also offer a selection of innovative cat toys and treats, including fun stocking stuffers for your cat.

Keep cozy this holiday season (and all year round) with the adorable The Fruit Tart Cat Bed - featured in The New Yorker! - $28 $38


Give your cat the ultimate gift this Christmas: The Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0 - $150 OFF this Black Friday!

The redesigned Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0 is an innovation in modern cat furniture; Tested by cats and their owners, our second iteration of this sleek, modern cat tree is better than ever with more scratching surfaces, lounging areas, and added platforms for easy accessibility - all with the same timeless elegance and high-quality wood construction.


Satisfy your cat's hunting instincts with the Mouse Hunt Cat Toy - $18 $38

This phone app-controlled cat toy the perfect way to play with your kitty when you've over-indulged in the turkey feast (a common holiday occurrence) and you can't get up to play with your cat. You can play right from your couch! This mouse is completely controlled via your smartphone and will satisfy your cat's natural hunting instincts.


A deep delish delight your cat can nap in night after night, the Pizza Cat Bed - $22 $38

The anchovy and pepperoni pillows double as kicker toys - just sprinkle with catnip and you're ready to play (and then nap). 

cute pizza cat bed


Help get your cat into the holiday spirit with the Rudolph Reindeer Cat Toy - $5.50 $18.50 (70% OFF!)

Each Rudolph Reindeer Cat Toy is crafted from hand-felted organic wool surrounding a ball for a fun, eco-friendly cat toy. Each one of our wool cat toys is hand-felted by women artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. Your purr-chase helps support these talented women, who are paid 200% of the average wage to ensure they and their families receive a living wage and secure working environment.

organic wool reindeer cat ball toy 

Entice your cat's natural hunting instinct with the Wiggly Worm Cat Telescoping Teaser Wand -  $ 10 $18

This telescoping teaser wand mimics "live" prey with its realistic, wiggly movements sure to drive your cat wild with a simple flick of your wrist!  Ideal for cats who have a tendency to bite hands during play, entice your cat to chase, jump, bat, tease, and "toy" with this Wiggly Worm, a wonderful way to encourage interactive play for you and your cat.


Let your cat catnap in the lap of luxury with the Luxe Pouf Cat Bed, available in ultra-soft faux fur fabrics. - $35 $50

Handmade in the USA from premium, butter-soft fabric your cat will simply melt into. 

Luxe Pouf Cat Bed



Introducing the Christmas Tree Cat Cave! Finally, a cat-proof Christmas tree your cat can happily claw, crawl all over, and cuddle up inside while they wait for Santa Paws.  

Handcrafted with love from organic wool. Each purr-chase helps support the women artisans in Nepal who hand-felted who are paid 200% of the average wage to help their family and communities thrive. 

Get $50 OFF with Code: MERRY50!



A creepy crawly you WANT your cat to play with: Buffalo Plaid Nightcrawler Catnip Kicker Toy - $10 $13

We're creepin' it cute with creepy-crawly catnip kicker toy measuring approximately 17" long and stuffed with farm-fresh catnip sourced here in the USA. Handmade in the USA, too! 


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