10 Purrfect Mugs for Coffee (And Cat) Addicts on International Coffee Day


It's International Coffee Day! What better way to celebrate than acquiring a new mug from which to sip said coffee?

"There's no such thing as too many mugs!!" - Every mug collector, ever (myself included.) If you're an unabashed mug hoarder and unashamed cat lady like myself, you've stumbled across the purr-fect list. Or maybe you know someone who's obsessed with both coffee and cats - in which case, you've also stumbled across the ideal list! Javaphiles and ailurophiles welcome! 



1. Cat Face Mug

Lightweight, durable, and best of all - it's got kitty whiskers on it! 



2. Shit Together Cat Mug

Pobody's Nerfect! But hey, at least you're trying to get it together.

3. Resting Witch Face Color Changing Mug

What better way to drink your favorite witches brew?

4. Cat Hair Mug

Cat hair is is the new glitter. It's everywhere! 


4. Custom Cat Mug

Get a custom printed mug of your cat's (or any pet's) beloved face! 


5. Save the Earth Stainless Steel Tumbler

For when you need to take your coffee on the go. 


6. World's Okayest Cat Dad Mug

For the cat dads out there that are just ... okay. (And appreciate a good dad joke!)


7. World's Okayest Cat Mom Mug

...and don't forget the cat moms who also appreciate a dad joke. 


8. Bad Witch Color Changing Mug

For those who don't want your #BasicWitch kind of mug. 



9. "His" His and Hers Mug

The couple that adopts cats together, stays together! 


10. "Hers" His and Hers Mug

The purr-fect fit! 

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