Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Cat Mom In Your Life

Mother's Day is just around the corner - we wouldn't let you forget! We're here to celebrate moms of all kinds, from moms who love cats to rescue moms to moms whose kids are their cats...they all deserve recognition on this special day.
We've compiled a list of our favorite gifts for cat-lovin' mamas - 20% off this weekend only with code: CATMAMA. 


1. Cat Stud Earrings

"I love these earrings and purchased several for myself and to gift to my fellow cat friends. They don't scream cat lady. The cat earrings offer just the right amount of "I love kitties" vibes for friends and strangers to notice." - Katie B.

Cat Stud Earrings Mother's Day

2. Pinot Meow and MosCATo Cat Wine

"My cat enjoyed it. My cat loved the wine, almost a little too much. I would buy again but give it to her in moderation ha." - Amber M. on Mar 01, 2020

Photo by Meowingtons Ambassador @nym_n_noms


3. Meowter Space Cat Socks (3-Pack)

"What do you do with such wonderfully color- and theme-coordinated socks but wear one from one pair and a different design from another Such fun! I actually kept my favorite non-matching set and gave the other two pairs as gifts to cat-loving friends." - Reva B. 


4. Clowder Cat Scarf

"Love the scarf. Ordered extra to give to my other friends who love cats.
All were very happy. Very Very Happy." - Mary N.

Clowder Cat Print Scarf


5. Crystal Paw Print Bracelet & Matching Paw Print Ring

"Great piece, especially for a cat lover. It was a present for my cousin and she loved it! Great fit, nicely made. I got it on sale and it came fast and was a great deal!" - Maite



6 & 7. Milton the Cat Squishy Pillow Plushie and Milton's Cat Butt Beanie

"Cat Butt Purrfection! Super warm and purrfectly cute for the colder season! I just love the Milton cat butt patch on it! Very well made!" - Darya K.



8. Millie the Cat Squishy Plushie

"Arrived on time and in excellent condition - Millie is too cute has to order another one for my mom!" - Mary L. 



9. Rescue Mom Tank Top

Whether you’re a proud Cat Mom or need a gift for the “crazy” cat lady in your life, say “Happy Mother’s Day” from the cats with our Rescue Mom Tank Top!  

Cat Hair Don't Care T-Shirt

With this cute cat graphic tee, people will finally stop asking if you are part Sasquatch. “No, it’s just cat hair. And I just don’t care!”



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