Mom Lets Son Pick Any Pet In The Shelter, His Choice Isn't What You'd Expect



Most children love animals and given the opportunity to get a new dog or cat would leap at the chance to take home a puppy or a kitten. It's rare that a child would see an old, overweight cat and decide, "Yep, that's the one!" 

But that's exactly what young Easton did when his mother took him to the Exploits Valley SPCA in Newfoundland, Canada. He took home his "extra fluffy" new bff, Tiny. Having adopted another cat previously, the family knew what it took to make a newly adopted cat feel right at home. 

After completing the adoption process, they put Tiny in a carrier next to Easton in the back seat. While they were on their way home, Tiny demanded some snuggle time with his new favorite human. 

On the ride home from the shelter, Tiny got out of his cage and cuddled right up to his new owner, and has been stuck to him like glue ever since. 


Apparently, Easton already had a fondness for more rotund kitties when his family adopted an "extra fluffy" kitty several years ago by the name of Oscar. Since Oscar's adoption, he's shed a whopping 5 pounds - which is about 50 pounds for a human!

When Easton's mother, Elizabeth, suggested getting a dog, Easton was adamant about adopting a weight-challenged cat to help, just like Oscar. 

“The first thing Easton does every time we get home is find both of the cats and say ‘Hi’ and pet their heads,” Elizabeth told iHeartCats. “Oscar usually waits on the step for him to get home because he walks him to the bus stop and back. He is pretty much a chubby cat whisperer!”

Tiny and his sister, Trinity, came into the shelter together just a few days prior. According to the shelter, Tiny and Trinity were not bonded as you would expect. Because the siblings were not especially bonded and judging the difficulty at getting an obese senior cat adopted, the shelter was willing to adopt them out separately.


Tiny has a very loud, chirpy purr and absolutely loves cuddles. The 10-year-old big lovebug is so happy to have found his human for life!

Now Tiny follows Easton everywhere he goes and snuggles with him whenever he gets a chance.


  • Marion

    Easton, you are such a sweet, loving little boy! God bless you—and your precious kitties, who loves you so much. <3 :)

  • Jane Coutts

    Easton…YOU ROCK!!! Your new best friend has found a wonderful home with you and your family.
    God bless y’all

  • Toni Berry

    What a special young man and what a beautiful sweet cat. They make a beautiful team.

  • Olga Lois Wexler

    My heart is melted! I love this kid and his new BFF

  • jmuhj

    Easton was right! (I have no idea what possessed his mom for her to suggest getting a (dog), but so glad they didn’t! Cats RULE, and “fluffy” cats are adorable!

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