Japan Creates Miniature Cat Furniture to Please Your Furry Overlords

Here at Meowingtons, we're huge proponents of the idea that cat furniture doesn't have to be an eyesore, especially when it comes to luxury cat trees. Spoiling our cats with comfort shouldn't mean we have to sacrifice our design aesthetic. We need that feng shui to be on point. You can't disrupt the design flow, man. You just can't. 

Japan’s Okawa Kagu new furniture line, craftsman MADE, knows what we're talking about. They design perfectly-to-scale miniaturized versions of boring, everyday human furniture - but for cats - so you, as a human being with eyes and a sense of style, don't have to sacrifice your aesthetic to spoil your cat. 


Look at this perfect, tiny sofa with its perfect, tiny cushions. 

 Here it is next to its mama couch. I don't know why, but it's adorable. 



The “Craftsman Made” line currently features only two unique pieces, a wood-framed couch by Hiromatsu Furniture, and a similarly wood-framed bed by Tateno Mokuzai. The pieces are available directly through each company and will be displayed at Okawa’s tourism center. Okawa has been a hub for woodcraft and furniture making for hundreds of years. 

Okawa Kagu also designed a purrfectly feline-sized bed, complete with all the necessary accoutrement necessary to outfit a modern bedroom - for cats. 




As the line's website explains, cats are “capricious, free-spirited,” and always “greedy” for a comfortable spot. While all of the above is absolutely and completely true, only time will tell if this miniaturized feline furniture line will pass the ultimate test: will the cat actually use it? Or will the cats choose the cardboard box it comes in?




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