Happy Love Your Pet Day! 10 Quotes That Purrfectly Describe Our Love

Every day is National Love Your Pet Day here at Meowingtons - and for all pet parents, we're sure! And is it any wonder? Our pets bring us so much joy, be they big or small, fluffy or scaly.

Whether you've had pets since childhood, or are new to the pet parent world, you know firsthand the impact animals can have on our lives. They offer unconditional love and affection; they can make even the darkest times seem brighter.

The past couple of years have shown that more than anything, our pets are always there for us. They soothe our worries and anxieties with a simple meow, or touch of the paw. Our pets give us multitudes! We've gathered a few quotes from fellow animal lovers that will help describe our love for our fur babies.

So to all the animals out there who have touched our hearts, our very souls, and made our lives complete - this day is for you! 

PS - if you want to spoil your cat today (even more than you already do), we're offering a BOGO 50% off on any cat toy with code: 'PETDAY'! 

1. A Happy Arrangement

national love your pet day cat quotes

2. Full of Love

milton the cat comic love your pet day

3. Perfect Companions*

*Tripod kitties and puppies count, of course!

4. The Greatest Gift

millie the cat quote

5. A Warm Welcome

tay hohoff heartwarming cat quote

6. Agreeable Friends

milton the cat comic george eliot quote

7. Coming Home

cat quote pam brown

8. Unawakened

milton the cat comic cat quotes anatole france

9. A Home's Soul

milton the cat comic cat quotes jean cocteau

10. Courage

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