Liven Up Your House With These 10 Cat-Friendly Houseplants June 18 2019, 0 Comments

Featured in our Tom Cat Mug, is cat grass, a type of cereal grain, also known as oat or wheat grass. It's loaded with vitamins and known to contain certain immune-boosting properties. Cat grass is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to grow, making it possible for both indoor and outdoor cats to enjoy!

Looking to brighten up your home with a bit of greenery without having to worry about your kitty being safe? Most pet owners already know that some species of houseplants (and even traditional holiday plants) can be toxic to our four-legged family members. But don’t fret, you can still put your green thumb to good use in your living room! Check out these 10 cat-safe plants you can grow indoors.

1. African Violet

Looking for a cat-friendly flower? The African Violet is a purrfect fit! This small, easy-to-grow plant comes in a range of purple hues and has soft, fuzzy leaves. It will fit right in with your fluffy feline! African Violets are fairly low maintenance and don’t require much sunlight.

2. Air Plants

These friendly little plants are easy to care for; just soak in water for five minutes about once a week. But they’re also nontoxic in case your cat decides to give them a taste! That being said, it’s probably a good idea to keep plants out of reach of curious kitties, as even nontoxic plants can cause indigestion and upset tummies.

If your cat has a penchant for hiding amongst your plants, give them a jungle of their very own! Try a cat tree that is almost literally a tree, leaves and all! Trees like this give your cat a fun, safe place to hide and let out their wild side - without the risk of eating plants and getting an upset stomach.

3. Spider Plant

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    Spider Plants are an indoor staple for a reason: these hardy plants not only work as natural air purifiers, but they’re also safe for dogs and cats! They will thrive indoors in either pots or hanging baskets, which help keep them away from curious leaf-munching cats.

    4. Christmas Cactus

      Unlike most other traditional holiday plants used to decorate, Christmas cactus is thankfully nontoxic to cats and dogs. Like other plants, it may cause some discomfort if ingested (as cats cannot properly digest most plant matter), but it is overall a much safer choice than other festive plants.

      5. Parlor Palm or Arcea Palm

        There are a few varieties of palm that thrive indoors and more importantly won’t leave your feline friends feeling sick! Palms like the parlor palm and the arcea palm are great for beginners. They don’t require much care and act as natural air purifiers as well!

        6. Polka Dot Plant

          Popular for adding an eye-catching pattern and color to miniature gardens or terrariums, the polka dot plant has become a favorite among houseplants for its bold pattern and variety of colors. But it’s also safe to have around pets, making it the purrfect choice!

          7. Boston Fern

            There are a few plants with the name "fern" that aren't actually part of the fern family. When grabbing a fern to grow indoors, you'll want to look for "true" ferns like the Boston and maidenhair ferns.

            8. Friendship Plant

              Named for the ease in which it can be separated and given to friends to grow, this friendly little plant is great to give as gifts - especially for pet lovers! It is safe for cats and dogs alike and is a great plant for beginner growers.

              9. Phalaenopsis Orchid

              While this orchid is kind of a mouthful to say, it’s one of the most common orchid varieties; you’re likely to find it in most floral shops. Nontoxic to dogs and cats, this orchid is safe to grow around your pets and add a splash of fresh flowers to your home!

              10. Calathea or “Prayer Plant"

              This small, colorful plant only grows to be about 6 to 8 inches tall, making it ideal to decorate bookshelves or end tables. Its leaves come in a variety of colors from red, cream, and green, and curl up at night (which is where the name“Prayer Plant” comes from!)

              Do you grow any favorite houseplants that are safe for your kitties? Let us know in the comments!