Last-Minute Gifts For The Cat Lover On Your Holiday List

If you count yourself amongst the last-minute holiday shoppers, don't fret! We've got you covered. Even with just under a week 'til the Big Day, you can check everyone off your list in no time. Here are a few last-minute gifts you can grab to check the cat lover in your life off your holiday list! 

December 18th is the last day to order your gifts online to receive them in time for Christmas (domestic orders only)! 

1. Shit Together T-Shirt

Pobody's Nerfect - but at least you're trying to get it together, man. 

shit together t-shirt cat litter box shirtVia Instagram

2. Caturday T-Shirt

For the feline aficionado who also happens to fancy a glass of Pinot Meow!

caturday t-shirt

Via Instagram


3. Crystal Paw Print Ring and Bracelet 

The purrfect matching set of crystals charms that will shine almost as bright as your cat! 

crystal paw print ring crystal paw bracelet

4. Diamond Cat Earrings

Add a bit more sparkle to your friend's day - the feline way!  

diamond cat earringsVIA @PAFGREYCAT


5. CATSA Space T-Shirt

To infinity, and beyond! Express your love for cats, space, and great puns in one comfortable cat outfit. This design is also available as an enamel pin

catsa space t-shirt

6. Eat, Sleep & Pet Cats T-Shirt

For the friend in your life who's daily routine is cat-focused. 

eat sleep pet cats repeat t-shirt

7.  Cat Face Mug

The purrfect mug to dip your Christmas cookies into this holiday season! 

cat face whisker mug

8. Milton the Cat Pillow Plushie

This cat plush was made for squishing, and that’s just what you’ll do! And the best part? Our Milton the Cat Plush also doubles as an adorable accent pillow!

milton the cat plush pillow 

9. Catsuit Bodysuit

You'll be feline fine from head to tail - er, toe! 

catsuit bodysuit


10. Spiral Cat Ring

Add a bit of feline flair to any day, rain or shine! 

spiral cat ring
Via Instagram



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