12 Last-Minute Gifts For The Cat Lover On Your List


Can't seem to find the PURRfect gift for the cat lovers on your list? We've got you covered! Here are a few last-minute gifts you can grab to check the crazy cat mom (or cat dad) in your life off your holiday list. Oh, and some adorable gift ideas for their favorite felines, too!

December 14th is the last day to order with ground shipping to receive them in time for Christmas (domestic orders only)! 

1.  Milton's Cat Wine Pawty Pack

It's not drinking alone if the cat's at home! Milton's Cat Wine Pawty Pack is non-alcoholic and made only with organic ingredients right here in the USA.


2. Milton's Cat Butt Beanie

There's no such thing as a bad hair day with a cat beanie.

3. Fruit Tart Cat Bed

Sweet dreams are guaranteed - and so is your cat looking absolutely adorable catnapping the day away. Detachable fruit pillows double as kicker toys! With 400+ 5-star reviews you know your cat will be happy - and the cat parent, too.

fruit tart cat bedPhoto thanks to @pika_and_mushu, Instagram

4. Happy Pawlidays Mix & Match Cat Socks (3-Pack)

Keep those tootsies cute and cozy as can be with the limited-edition Happy Pawlidays Mix & Match Cat Socks! Whether you're building snowkitties, wrapping gifts, or waiting for the first snow of the season...these holiday cat socks are the purr-fect fit.

5. Enamel Cat Pins

A selection of space cats, foodie cats, and more!



6. Diamond Cat Earrings

Add a bit more sparkle to your friend's day - the feline way!  

diamond cat earringsVIA @PAFGREYCAT


7. Mouse Hunt Cat Toy

Give your cat the thrill of the hunt this holiday season! This Bluetooth app-controlled mouse will have your cat going wild! 


8. Pizza Cat Bed

For the pizza lover - and the kitty lover! Each Pizza bed comes with 3 anchovy kicker toys and 3 pepperonis. Each pepperoni pillow is stuffed with  a squeaker, also making this an ideal bed for small dogs, too (don't tell the cats!) 

Photo thanks to @taradactyl.7


9. Squishy Cat Plushies

Milton the Cat (Jumbo 20") and Millie the Cat plushies are squishable, huggable, and as soft as a bunny!



10. Spiral Cat Ring

Add a bit of feline flair to any day, rain or shine! 

spiral cat ring
Via Instagram


11. Luxe Pouf Cat Bed

Handmade in the USA from premium, butter-soft fabric your cat will simply melt into. 

Luxe Pouf Cat Bed


12. Limited Edition Christmas Tree Cat Cave

Handcrafted with love from 100% organic wool and dyes, free of chemicals. Each purr-chase helps support the women artisans in Nepal who hand-felted who are paid 200% of the average wage to help their family and communities thrive.


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